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VCU Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery

The Day of Your Surgery

  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before surgery.
  • You can brush your teeth, but do not swallow the water.
  • Remove dentures, nail polish and jewelry.
  • Call your doctor if you are sick, have a fever, or a rash.  Your surgery may need to be---rescheduled.
  • Take only the medicines you were told to take with small sips of water.  (See medication handout from   doctor or nurse practitioner)

Come to the Gateway Building, 5th floor at 6:00 AM. Park in the visitor’s parking deck or use Valet parking at the Gateway Building. 

Things to bring to the hospital

  • Bring picture identification
  • A list of your medications with dosages
  • CPAP/BiPAP machine if you use one of these
  • Cases to store your glasses, dentures, hearing aids, or contact lenses (Put your name on all containers.)
  • Pajamas, robe, slippers, and toilet articles (comb, brush, toothbrush)

DO NOT bring anything valuable

  • Large sums of money, credit cards, valuables (watches, rings, jewelry).  The hospital is not responsible for such items.
  • Electrical or heating appliances (radios, TVs, cellular phones, portable computers, tape recorders, hair dryers, etc).  Any equipment that you do bring in must be battery operated.  We will inspect all equipment for safety.

Checking in

Come to the Gateway Building, 5th floor at 6:00 AM.

  • If you parked your car in the visitor’s deck, bring your parking ticket with you to the hospital.  Get a discount-parking sticker from the information desk located on the ground floor of the Gateway Building.
  • A nurse will greet you and get you all checked in.
  • You will change into a hospital gown, have an ID bracelet placed on your wrist, and be helped onto a stretcher.
  • You will remove your glasses, contact lens, dentures and place them in their case.  If you use a hearing aid, ask if you should wear it during surgery.
  • Your belongings will be given to your family member, or labeled and  stored until after you have finished surgery.
  • Anesthesia will see you in the pre-operative area.
  • Your family will be provided with a beeper or pager and wait in the Gateway Building while you are in surgery.


Questions or Concerns, Please Call 804-828-2774


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